HORROR NARRATION: I’m growing my channel! Support is super LOVED! SCP & Backrooms Content GALORE!

That’s right! I’m back to narrating horror stories, but this time I’m hopping into popular stuff like Backrooms lore content and SCP narrations. I plan on tossing my own little flare into my videos, and my character (art by the amazing gynesis) will have her own unique backstory. I’ll give some fun fact here in my little corner of the world that she WON’T tell you in those videos beyond cryptic hints.

Growing a youtube channel from scratch is going to be tough, so I’ll need all the support I can get. Amazing friends of mine, who I’ve met through Twitter and who are creatives as well, are encouraging me to continue already. I’ve been told that my voice is excellent for this sort of thing, which brings me TONS of hope. I am both nervous and excited, but the reception so far has been great.

There are not many feminine voices in the narration community for this stuff, so I wanted to both toss my hat into that niche and create a fun character for it. I’ve built her lore in my mind, but I’m still working on it. I might make her a character page when I gather my thoughts. I am overwhelming myself with everything, lately, though, and keeping to a schedule is going to be super tough.

Now, in short, the Backrooms are an online open source story people add lore to. They’re when you ‘glitch’ out of existence into vast, liminal space levels full of monsters. Meanwhile, a separate ‘world’, the SCP foundation is an organization that ‘secures, contains, and protects’ various anomalous entities, some ranging from harmless to universe-ending. These lore rich stories are fun to dive into, and I’ve watched creators such as Broogli and The Volgun who do that content well.

It’s my turn to join this community and see if I can become successful! The more feedback and comments I get, the better. Spreading my work around and telling people about it, if you like it, would be SUPER helpful, and I’d love you with all my heart if you did!

Someday I might start a patreon and discord, but for now, I have too much to juggle with my day job and this. I want to eventually switch to freelancing entirely, but as of right now, that’s not possible, I cannot sustain myself. I also am a self-published author, but I am not great at marketing.

We’ll see how this goes! Here are a few videos (please go to youtube if you have an account and shoot me a like!)

Channel intro:

What are the Backrooms:

Interesting SCPs:

Fun Facts about Desastr:

The SCP foundation is fully aware she is an anomaly. She calls herself a researcher, though the O5 council is sometimes at their wits end at times with her antics.

-When slain, she is sent to the underworld of any working dimension before crawling out of it. This takes roughly a week. She comes back slightly stronger each time. [Redacted] can be used if she is deemed too powerful, though should be utilized very sparingly due to [redacted]. After rising, she eventually makes her way back to the foundation’s dimension, much to their dismay.

-The first containment method ended in too many headaches due to [redacted]. Given she is deemed ‘chaotic good’, they allowed her to experiment on other entities, though under far greater surveillance than most researchers. Her true containment now is aided by the fact that she can get distracted incredibly easily or hyperfixate on something random, which is often used to stop her more chaotic tendencies.

-She will get bored or distracted and wander away from the foundation for months. Given her ability to blend into society and avoidance of attacking innocents, other, more dangerous anomalies are given priority. That said, [redacted] can be used to lure her back if extremely necessary.

-She claims to be an entity of the backrooms, but this might be a lie. She is a known dimension-hopper and is probably saying that for brownie points with the entities there.

-She is highly carnivorous though will not hunt or attack those she deems ‘innocent’.

What can I say? I enjoy powerful characters and couldn’t help myself. Besides, an immortal SCP ‘researcher’ seems required in that line of work. Same with the backrooms… stuff there can get nasty.

VERY IMPORTANT: The character lore here is MINE. ⒸDes M. Astor. I MIGHT submit her, as a file/story, to the foundation someday, if my content grows strong. AS OF NOW, NO ONE ELSE SHOULD BE DOING IT. I will come back and edit this blog post if I do end up writing the story and submitting it. Please do not steal this specific lore or write her for yourself on any of these websites, thanks!

If you’re interested in my books, see my book list here. I am a dystopic urban fantasy author.

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