Books with a BITE: “The Lost” by Joe R Moya (Book Blog Post)

Today I’ll be talking about The Lost by Joe Moya. Visit the author’s twitter here.

My review can be found here. Honestly, some books are a miss for me, and this would be one of them. However, I want vampire lovers here to be informed of one important detail: I do not like traditional vampire lore, especially if it’s connected to Christian Mythology. This book encompasses all of that, very deeply. Therefore, if you like that sort of thing, and the traditional take on vampires in general, this would be the book for you.

Unfortunately, nothing new is brought to the table for vampires with this book aside from the ‘vampires can be redeemed’ idea. Given I’m not a fan of Christian Mythology in general, though, the message was very lost on me, especially since I am not a follower of the religion. Those who enjoy reading about various religions including Christianity, however, might be in for a treat.

We have vampires that can’t be seen in mirrors, are affected by garlic, can be killed with wooden stakes, are affected by crosses, and can burn in the sun. A ‘unique’ trait is that they can summon mist to obscure things, which can be seen in some vampire lore. I believe that’s a common power of Dracula, the mist-summoning. I did not see any shapeshifting into bats for these vampires, however they can fly.

Moving onto the main characters, Marcus is a typical vampire that wants redemption and has sparks of human emotion frequently. He falls in love with the human woman Vicki, who was a protagonist I didn’t personally connect to at all, but others might enjoy. Their ship was pretty rushed, but some folks really enjoy fast ships, so they would like that in this book. I’m a slow-burn type of person, so this was a miss for me as well.

I don’t have much more to say, unfortunately. There was action. It’s a typical vampire story and for those who like that sort of thing, it’s for you. Traditional lore, very heavy Christian themes, all the like. For someone like me who loves something new brought to the table, though, this is a miss.

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