Nightmares On Christmas: 5 (Mostly) Underrated Horror Pieces you should check out as a horror fan!

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Ah, the holidays. What an excellent time for hot chocolate, spending time with family, cheerful music, and blood. LOTS AND LOTS OF BLOOD! Wait…what? Well, my brain never stops even during a relatively happy time, and I am sure other creatives who work with horror feel the same. Therefore, I wanted to keep to my typical dark fantasy/horror theme when it comes to worldbuilding to bring you some underrated (mostly) horror content I snagged from youtube and tiktok. Okay, some on this list aren’t really that unseen, given they have millions of views, but most on this list are, so it counts.

While I am not Christian, I do celebrate Christmas as a happy time to spend with my family. Right now I’m probably spending it with my family, given I was able to visit this year after years of not seeing them. I got all of my Christmas shopping done at the end of November too! Sadly, the gifts are not horror themed. They are fantasy themed though, for the most part! To me, the holidays are a chance to be grateful for what I have and how much I love my family. It is also a time to give to those less fortunate (though that should be a year-round thing). My gift in general to folks who read this blog is (hopefully) some great ideas for their own works and creativity if they happen to be horror or fantasy creatives.

But, enough gushing, unless it’s blood gushing. Let’s get into the horror of things and celebrate some dark stuff on this holiday season.

WARNING: The themes in this article will contain very dark subject matter like gore & suicide in some videos. You have been warned.

5. Happy Meat Farm


This is an ARG that has commentary on genetic modification. A topic in science that is very misunderstood and can be used for good, granted, but that’s not why we’re here. No, “Happy Meat Farms” uses genetic modification for HORRIBLE Things, and this sci-fi horror ARG is a good treat. “ARG” means “Alternate Reality Game”, which is usually a series of stories or puzzles that imply they take place on the real world, but are just an ‘alternate reality’, quite like urban fantasy horror.

I wish this one got more attention than it is, but it’s just starting up, and I think I caught it early. This particular video has some awesome body horror art and really creepy music to go along with it. There’s a question of what the ‘host’ is, who the ‘mother’ is, and what the new world order implies. Also, there is comedic elements in here, which is always fun. “Clean this mess up” and “Get that thing down” is great. The transitions and how they work with the music in this video are also a treat. There is also a creepy audio portion of this too (only audio available) of SUPER dark implications.

This could inspire some horror topics with regard to either genetic modification with chemicals or alchemy (in a more magical story) along with the typical evil company trope that still works well to this day. I am looking forward to seeing where this ARG goes and what other creepy content they’ll put out. Body horror tends to really get me, at times, especially with things like this.

4. Creeptoons

Why is this music so catchy though?! Originally I found this on Crypt TV, but then found the creator it belongs to. I mean, look at the art style? The kid with the knife especially is just off-putting as hell due to their mouth. They also were going to hurt the kitty before they were axed by the little girl (who is BLOODY ADORABLE).

The aesthetics of this piece are great, it gives me “David Firth” vibes but with its own unique flavor too. The world building is very dark, especially with how Howard speaks. I love the comedic element of the little girl just being like “thanks!” in the middle of his long-winded talk. This series takes on on a journey with a girl and her cat through a world of really dark aesthetics that are a perfect fit for horror. This person should be as up-there as David Firth, in my opinion, because their art and story building is simply amazing. It boggles my mind as to why they are not.

It’s a shame I’m not a larger creator and can’t boost them as much, but they deserve a spot on this article. This offputting, creepy style is one of my favorite flavors of horror. There’s Burton vibes here as well, but again, this style shines in its own unique way. I ADORE the little girl and the kitty, I hope to see more of them now that I followed this channel.

3. Animated Horror Stories

These short stories are always a treat, and my favorite one is the last ‘mother’ one where someone calls for their mother, they answer from downstairs, but from the closet comes an ‘I heard it too’. A lot of full horror stories longer than a couple of sentences (not that the short ones aren’t valid) could spark from this sort of thing, which is always exciting.

For my favorite part, I always wonder if there will be a twist to that two-sentence horror, where the mother in the closet speaking to the child is the monster or something. Or perhaps the ‘other mother’ is not even malicious, but a lost spirit of sorts. There could be so many twists to this story, and I love it.

I came up with my own two-sentence horror as well. It’s: “I looked in the mirror and frowned deeply. My reflection smiled back.”

2. ShortestBlockbusters (Not underrated but I’m sharing anyway)

Warning: Little volume control, might be loud.

I don’t often share tiktok videos on my blog usually because the embedding can be weird, but I wanted to show this one. This is most definitely not underrated, though, given the amount of views it has, but I had to show it because it’s just such cool horror art and inspiration. Not that I avoid tiktok by any means — in fact, I’m trying to grow my own channel here.

This creator utilizes CGI to bring monsters to the real world, with very short clips for dark implications. I see many comments of people wanting games or a whole movie by them, and I agree, that would be super neat. I love artists like this person and Trevor Henderson who do horror art and bring monsters to life. This can definitely inspire monster design for horror writers. Giant hands with eyes are things of nightmares, which some of that content shows…

1. Tardigrade Inferno – How Nightmares Die


When I first was shown this by a good friend of mine, I had to watch it about 10 times on repeat because it’s just too good. The art & story concept are just too cool, and the song? GORGEOUS. “Safety first…” Just wow. This deserves the number one spot on my list because it should be getting way more attention than it is given just how it is a marvelous piece of horror accompanied by a really cool song.

I love the story here as well. The doctor clearly wanted to help, and this sci-fi horror twist caused a horrible backfire that led to a suicide attempt (and possibly a successful one). We’re left uncertain as to whether or not the doctor ended it given there was no gunfire sound at the end. From my perspective, he did, though my lover considers otherwise, that he didn’t go through with it. The expression at the end is so heartbreaking though, it really struck me. This video is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Walking in one’s nightmares and fighting the monsters within is such a neat concept I would love to see explored more. I know Freddy Krueger walked in nightmares to kill people, which is great, but I’d love to see more grotesque monsters like in this video, and a win for the protagonist instead of a dark ending (though the ending to this was perfect despite how much my heart breaks when seeing it).

Also, the aesthetics of barbed wire in horror is something I LOVE and first saw in Silent Hill (movie). Ripping someone to shreds with it is so neat, and it inspired my idea for one of my OC’s powers, except he uses spiked chains. He’s a vampire known as Ares, and though he is a protagonist, really can utilize some dark methods to put someone down.

There you have it folks! I hope you have happy holidays for whatever you celebrate and are able to find some cheer. I hope those feeling down this holiday also are able to distract themselves and find something that makes them happy. I hope I inspired some ideas with this article. The content I brought light to isn’t mine, but I love to talk about it and share horror-related things that I enjoy.

Fun fact: Nightmare before Christmas is a ‘meh’ movie to me. I like the songs more than the movie, believe it or not. That’ll cause an angry mob to descend upon me… but I’m more than ready. LET THE NIGHTMARE BEGIN!

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