Books with a BITE: Vampire Book Blog by Des M. Astor; Information here!

Used my books here since they are primarily focused around vampires as an example!

Hey there folks!

I’ve decided to start a book blog of a very specific kind, one that falls into my tastes. This book blog will be about books centered around vampires, and I will talk about the book itself along with my opinions on the lore they have for vampires.

I will link my review on each blog as well, and of course link to the book. My opinions are all subjective, of course, and my tastes are different than from many vampire lovers. For one thing, I favor lore that strays from traditional a tad, especially with regard to living vampires. Anything Twilight-related, especially ‘sparkling in the sun’, will lose major points from me, because I personally really do not like that series (nothing against fans! Just not for me). I like to see violent vampires, so a high instance of action & gore with vampire books will get some props from me.

I LOVE vampire books with heavy magic & urban fantasy settings! In fact, major props from me if there’s more than just vampires. I DO love vampire romance and beautiful monsters that can also be incredibly violent. I like beastly vampires but not rotting-corpse vampires (at all). Hate the ‘strictly evil’ trope, I will likely DNF if your vampires have no substance to them. To qualify, a vampire/vampires either need to be a part of the main cast, or very relevant to the plot! This is a blog for those who love vampires, after all.

I will go into detail as to why I think vampire lovers should look into the book. I will also give reasons why a book might not be for me. Remember, life is subjective. You submit here, and you accept that you won’t automatically be granted high stars. I will DNF long books I do not like. Novellas I will try to make it through, but I’ll be harsh if I am miserable when reading, with emphasis that my thoughts are subjective.

Time to be upfront and honest–I haven’t read a single historical fantasy I truly enjoyed, so you can try and offer your book for this, but you should expect a lower, harsher rating. I can’t connect with the genre and can’t stand the setting. I’m aware that most vampire books actually take place in historical settings, but that’s why I encourage writers of urban fantasy to reach out. I know it sounds sort of mean, but honesty is the best policy, and I just fail to connect or like it every single time.

I plan on reading a book at least once a month, not sure if I can handle more. If my submissions are OPEN, I will respond to emails, including rejections. Please treat me with respect either way, and REMEMBER: My preferences are different than others, everyone has their own tastes, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be picked. ME NOT PICKING YOUR BOOK NOW doesn’t mean it is bad, or that I might not read it in the future, it might just not be a fit for my blog.

If my submissions are CLOSED, I will not respond to emails. I will tweet out when they are open again though. I will take 12 books at a time at a MAXIMUM PRICE POINT of $6.99. I can’t go over that for ebooks given I don’t have much money. BE PATIENT. I will be starting off with 1 book PER MONTH. I have ADHD and can’t handle heavy workload/too many books at a time. Not to mention, I am an author and have a full time job, so my schedule is packed. Do NOT hound me, or I will both take back my acceptance & never consider you again. Contact me once, then I will tag you when I make the blog post. (With the exception of whether you’d want an interview or not, see below.)

When I get to your book, I will send out an email about it, post my review, and tell you the date where the blog post will go live. This might take longer if you accept an interview, which would then cause things to depend on our combined schedules.

If you would like to see how my reviews look, please check out my goodreads. I go into immense detail per review.

VAMPIRE BOOKS ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES I WILL BE READING AND REVIEWING! That is just applicable for this blog. This blog’s theme is vampires, so those are the only ones I will blog about!

Also, this is for indie authors/indie publishing companies only. I want to support fellow self-published/small press authors.

NOTE: This is not taking over my blog. Far from it! It’ll just be another monthly-ish topic. My blog will still primarily center around serious topics, canon lore for my series/discussion about my books, & worldbuilding.

HAVE I ALREADY READ YOUR VAMPIRE BOOK & LEFT A REVIEW? If I rated it 4-5 stars, please fill out this form, and I am open to making a blog post on it as well 🙂

If you’re interested in submitting to this blog, please put your pen name, email, and the following:

  1. Book Title
  2. Genre
  3. Short description
  4. Brief explanation of your vampire lore
  5. Price of your ebook
  6. Your website/social media
  7. Would you be interested in answering interview questions should your book be picked? If yes, we will need to be in email contact! (We could do a written, audio, or video interview.)


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