From a Norse Mythology Fan – No, White Supremacists & Neo Nazis, you can’t have our culture, but you CAN fuck the hell right off.

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Greetings everyone, today I’m going to write one of my most abrasive articles since starting this blog, because honestly, it needs to be said. As someone who would like to take pride in my Nordic background and share it with everyone interested, there’s an elephant in the room we need to address. That being…white supremacists, who are racist, entirely illogical, and need to be knocked down a peg/between the legs(and hard).

That said, the scalpel I’ll be bringing to the table today is one known as ‘science’. I have some sources here that I’m going to quote, and then discuss, in this article. Then, I will be strongly wording my opinions. That said, I am not trying to speak over everyone, however with my background and love of the Norse mythology in general, I feel this article needs to be written. Those of us with this background need to speak out against this so that the culture doesn’t get twisted with these false white supremacism ideologies which don’t even make any sense.

Imagine being so pathetic that you think your skin color makes you above everyone else? It’s rotten, it’s wrong, and we need to fight back against those who want to drag down ancient Norse culture & paganism to use it as a tool for racism. Our symbols will not be stolen, our history will not be stolen. And… the irony is? A lot of these idiots pushing this are extreme Christians who leeched away at Norse mythology anyhow. They can stay well away from norse paganism with their toxic religious ideologies. (This is not targeted at the sane Christians, just the unhinged ones, which unfortunately I’ve interacted with far too many times.)

Enough of my mini rant. It’s time to dive into the science of matters. White supremacist tout nordic ideology (ironic again given it’s pagan at heart, and most definitely are NOT pagan) & nordic history to be racist. They are trying to claim that it’s ‘white heritage’ or whatever which is inherently untrue. Vikings were a beautiful mix of cultures due to several factors, both good and bad. The pillaging and land seizing was obviously the darker side of them, whereas the exploring was the lighter side. They also weren’t all European in origin, and definitely weren’t all fair skinned. If you’re reading this and don’t believe me, well I have some news for you, and it’s called science.

Source Credit: ScienceDaily

The depiction of ‘vikings’ (which is a verb technically speaking, and the proper word is “the Norse”, but everyone defaults to and thinks of vikings, hence me using it in this article) we see is normally with blonde hair and blue eyes. We debunk that with evidence from this article. Genes flowed all through Europe and Asia even prior to the viking era. It’s common sense to realize that, with how much exploring and raiding the Vikings partook in, they would not be strictly ‘white Scandinavian’. They raided for practical reasons, according to the source above, to gain survival and trade supplies. They would meld and mix with other cultures, learn about them, and spread them.

Vikings weren’t just bloodthirsty raiders. No, they weren’t cute, they weren’t cuddly. No one should deny the bloody past of any culture, though if there’s anyone that has no room to talk, it’s the colonizers from Europe. (A past I can’t deny either, as I have ancestry from a large variety in Europe beyond just Scandinavian. Granted, there were colonizers from the Scandinavian area during the colonial era after the viking era ended, which is also a big negative that should not be acknowledged!) That said, there was more to it than that, explained well in this source from the BBC:

There was blending of cultures in this case, and there is evidence of that throughout history. Not to mention–vikings were sea folk. They are ancient pirates, after all, and pirates are generally extremely mixed when it comes to background. Again, common sense dictates that because of the ‘traveling around the world’ factor, they would be a variety of cultures and backgrounds anyway, not just Scandinavian. The culture behind norse paganism extends way father than white supremacists want people to believe.

We have a bunch of new information from studies on ancient Vikings that state the obvious. They were a mixture of ethnicities and did well during the time because of their aggression. That isn’t to say it was morally correct to pillage everything. The exploration and sharing of culture, however, is key, and it’s what makes Vikings so interesting. I do not want to, and never will, glorify the bloody, horrible things they’ve done, just as I said before that no one should do with their cultures. HOWEVER we cannot deny that the Christian churches did exaggerate things, calling Norse pagans ‘heathens’ and what have you. It twisted history, and most cultures were just as aggressive, if not worse, at the time. We cannot discount that.

We also cannot discount the allure nordic paganism has for many people all over the world. It’s an open culture, something explicitly obvious, and needs to always stay that way. The core of being a Viking, to me, is exploring and sharing the beauty of the world. I am super excited when anyone expresses interest in Norse mythology. I want to see more stories from people of all different backgrounds about Norse mythology, their thoughts, and the lessons they learned. I want to see the Nordic style on everyone who would like to try it, and encourage people with interest to look into the culture to try these styles.

The fact that white supremacists even DARE to push this illogical notion that MY culture is closed and only for ‘whites’ is disgusting and needs to fucking stop. Our symbols aren’t open to be stolen, our culture aren’t open to be stolen, and our paganism isn’t open to be stolen (not that these folks would want that part of it anyhow.)

This nonsense needs to stop and I’m tired of being silent about it.

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