“Original Characters” – My Brand

Authors and creators in general might have a common theme to their characters. I sure as hell do! As you can see from the art above by DuRanch, my female characters tend to be humanoid monsters. Sam Viper (left) is a half-dragon, whereas Darcia Deville (right) is a Tasmanian Devil shapeshifter. Granted, I do have human-lady characters, though they never will be as common as my monsters, and this goes for my male characters as well. Generally speaking, my characters will have a decent amount of muscle and scarring. Women with muscle are beautiful, after all. They also are, generally speaking, in rough conditions. If they partake in melee combat, they will need to have a lot of strength and agility.

The other style I generally lead toward is goth or punk. Now, Sam doesn’t seem to be very gothic, but here are some examples of lady characters I have that are, generally speaking.

These art pieces by Gynesis show the style of my female characters very well. You’ll see spikes of some fashion on all of them, and again, a decent amount of muscle. Ripped clothing, exposed stomachs, and leathers are some things many of my lady characters will wear. Hell, I even have a gothic scientist. Don’t believe me?

This piece is by Harcloniter!

Even Kelsy, who works on the field of science more often than not, encompasses a gothic style. Granted, she’s the character who is the most similar to me. My love of gothic or punkish characters does not end at my female characters, of course, but my male characters seem to have even more of a ‘brand’ to them. While there certainly is variety, you can definitely see a … pattern.

These are all commissions of my characters I’ve bought from the artists (credited in captions). As you can see… yes, there is a theme. All of them are vampires (yes, including the demon-looking Au Ra). There’s blood in some fashion on 5/7 of them. Nearly all of them have piercings of some sort. All of them wear ‘guyliner’ at various points in time.

Yes indeed, my brand of men is gothic/punkish. They also generally have a decent amount of muscle on them, again being melee fighters. As you can tell, I adore sharp pointy teeth & claws. Chances are, if I make another male character, he will fall into the ‘brand’. I even turned one of my regular human characters (a vampire hunter) into a half-demon. He starts off as human, sure, but doesn’t remain that way. His name is Ernest, and I really do need to get more art of him. Alas, my Cobratongue University characters will eventually get more love when it comes to art.

Come to think of it, Robert Smoke (the white-haired vampire above) also started off as human, but he sure as hell didn’t stay that way.

Anyway, some people do have common themes to their characters, which they call “OCs”. This means “Original Characters”. They can be those they roleplay, write in a book, or talk about in general. As I advance in my art journey, I hope to be able to draw all of the above better someday!

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  1. I really like your character design, the features you come up with for them always feel significant to their respective personalities. It’s one of the reasons I get so immersed in stories about them!

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