Fun For Active Readers – Notes & Highlights can be seen on Goodreads

Now, I’m a very active reader, and I write extremely detailed reviews. To the point where I still consider becoming a book blogger, because it would make sense. As you can see from my blog here, though, I like talking about a variety of things and hate restrictions. Anyway, to support other self-published authors, I will often buy their ebooks and comment as I read. I do this through notes and highlights, and on the kindle app. I believe you can open books through a .mobi file on there regardless of where you get it, however I cannot verify if notes will work on it.

Generally, however, I will purchase their book through Amazon and can have access to it on my app. This is where the fun begins. I will comment things like “WHOA” to events that make me go ‘whoa’, of course. Things like that, little one-to-two sentence comments to let the author, and other readers, know what I’m thinking during key moments. It’s just something that I enjoy doing–and yes, at home, I will talk during movies. I’m THAT kid of person. Luckily, my lover does not mind. (No, I don’t do that in the theater.)

But the purpose of this is pretty obvious. It shows people how you’re feeling as you read, and can give the author a confidence boost if you’re enjoying that work. It will also let them know what you like or dislike if you don’t mention it in your review. Beyond that, it might help write reviews themselves, considering you can make these notes and return back to them when crafting a review. This applies to those who really like detailed ones, of course, and can help book bloggers.

How exactly do you locate them, however? Well, when you have a book and marked it as ‘currently-reading’, you’ll see your ‘notes and highlights’ show up on goodreads itself.

This is what you will see with your “Currently reading” novel. As you can see, I have “1 note & 1 highlight” on the book I’m reading right now. I can access it by clicking on those notes and highlights, and so can the author/anyone else looking into the book — but only if you make it visible!

Here is an example of one I made while reading. It will make the note as you go through the % of the book, and you will note based on your highlight. The highlighted text would be in the black bar above my comment. You would need to tick visibility ‘on’, and be courteous if you are commenting on a spoiler.

Other people can comment on your notes & highlights as well! Though there is a setting in goodreads to restrict it to only friends:

You get to that option by going to “Account settings”, then in the upper right, “Edit my user profile”. It took me a good minute to figure that out, I will admit. I keep my ‘allow non-friends to comment’ on to encourage discussion. I don’t mind talking about my reactions with people!

All in all, it’s something that’s super fun, and lets the author have a treat of seeing how you felt when reading their book! Along with allowing conversation with other readers!

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Heya, I'm an author. Typically I write Urban Fantasy, and I only usually read in that genre as well. My author's website is both a writing blog and a showcase for my work. Check it out if you'd like.

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