The Phobia Series: Coulrophobia, New Horror Narration

Hey everyone! I’m back to narrating short horrors. My latest is from the story I wrote here. I have started a series called “The Phobia Series”, where I speak first person as various phobias. Things like the fear of heights, darkness, being alone, etc. might be turned into a fear talking right back to you.

My aim in this horror narration project is to capture the essence of the fear. I might inquire people about the fears that I intend on narrating for. This one was pretty straightforward, so I went with it. Dolls might end up on my list, though I’m not afraid of them.

Personally, I have a fear of needles, but at this time it would be inappropriate to write a story on that one, what with the pandemic and vaccination being out (yes, I intend on getting it when slots free up.) I’ve started to almost pass out when getting blood drawn, but this ALSO might be due to dehydration, so… please stay hydrated, I suppose. Anyway, it’s not a fun feeling, and they do make me uncomfortable.

Fear of the dentist/doctor might be one too. I know I don’t like to go to either, but kinda deal with it anyway. Nyctophobia, the fear of the dark, is something I have but somewhat. It’s not crippling. Still, I can narrate something around it and have a good time with it, since I do get uncomfortable in the pitch black, not knowing where I should be going or who could be watching.

Finally, I do have this aversion to mirrors in the dark, mostly because I was a dumb kid who tricked herself into thinking she saw ‘Bloody Mary’, so now I still get a bit nervous around those darn things. Nothing crippling, again, though. But! It makes for a good visceral feeling I can use for writing and narrating my stories. So that might be on the table indeed.

I’m feeling great about this one tonight. I think I am getting better at microphone placement and pauses. I also think my tone variation is improving too. What do you think? Please give it a watch below and comment for support!

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