More Narration Practice with “The User”

Hey everyone! As you know, I’m trying to work on my narration skills, including editing audio work. I enjoy narrating horror stories, and in fact, I listen to them frequently on youtube. Therefore, I wanted to give this all a go myself. I have created a new youtube channel for this, and if you’d like to support me, please subscribe and listen to my videos.

The first video I did was for my story Fragmented, where I was just testing the waters. I got some feedback, including the feeling that I needed to add longer pauses, and more emotion to my narration work. Therefore, I tried to do so with the narration for my short horror, “The User”! Please see the video below, and again, if you want to support me, provide constructive feedback, like, and subscribe.

I feel like, this time around, I improved quite a bit. Thanks for all of those who have supported me and continue to support me. Someday, I plan on offering narrations for other short horror stories (The requirement will be 2k words or less, so keep that in mind). If I get popular enough, I could even do narration giveaways, and such like that. I’m reaching, though! For now, I’m just trying to build a following of interested parties.

There’s many horror stories I enjoy listening to on youtube, so I wanted to give it a go myself, and there’s not many feminine narrators. I am concerned, however, that my voice might sound ‘too cute’ for this sort of thing, but eh! People said I have a good voice for audio work, and so, this is how I will express that. Cheers!

Published by Des M. Astor

Heya, I'm an author. Typically I write Urban Fantasy, and I only usually read in that genre as well. My author's website is both a writing blog and a showcase for my work. Check it out if you'd like.

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