I don’t like open doors in the dark

The laptop light shined on my face as I was drawn to late night horror topics once more. All was well, though was 2 AM, and things were getting a little bit strange.

The sounds in my abode were normal sounds, I was in an apartment, after all.

Tickity tick, tappity tap.

Normal apartment sounds. We didn’t have a pet, it had to be the fridge just turning on, or ice being made. The tiny rustle of a bag must have just been the wind from the air conditioner. It had to be.

I glanced back to my screen. Everything was moving a bit too slow, or a bit too fast. My eyes were dependent on that screen. I couldn’t look to the door.

Tickity tick, tappity tap.

It was closer this time. It had to just be apartment noises. It had to be. A cold shiver ripped through my spine as I took a deep breath. My heartrate spiked as I saw movement from the corner of my eye.

That was my lover in the bed, right? No… no, my lover wasn’t here. Why? I forgot.

Tickity tick, tappity tap.

Closer. Again.

I gulped, telling myself it was all just some nightmare. I was scaring myself silly, it was late at night, nothing could be wrong.

How long had I been sitting here? Those were just apartment noises, they had to be.

My eyes fell upon the dark doorframe, a silhouette there. Their feet didn’t touch the floor. I could barely see them from the pitch blackness. Their shadow was just slightly darker.

I don’t like open doors in the dark.

Published by Des M. Astor

Heya, I'm an author. Typically I write Urban Fantasy, and I only usually read in that genre as well. My author's website is both a writing blog and a showcase for my work. Check it out if you'd like.

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