I’m Freshly Self-Published!

I usually don’t post exclusively about my work, especially since I have to build a fanbase first. But this is the start of my journey, and today is my birthday. I’ve decided to self-publish two of my books. Red Viper and the Vampire War & The Vampire War: Conclusion. It was a tough decision to make, but I decided that I’d have more luck as an indie author than being rejected nonstop by agents.

Also, this cover is temporary; I’m expecting to have a very beautiful painted cover soon, by Stillblade. I’ll let people know when it’s updated in an art post for my book when it’s settled. People will be able to update it for free.

For Cobratongue University: Fall Semester, I will probably be querying and trying my luck with it. While it’s in my Kingdoms of Blood universe, it counts as a standalone book and doesn’t require the previous two (which would be prequels) to be understood. At the moment, it’s free on Wattpad along with the lore compendium of my Kingdoms of Blood series.

When I write my books, I take lore and twist it into something that is my own. Here’s a little snippet of my vampire lore, which is expanded in my compendium:

Vampires in my story are living, breathing creatures just like the other mythical beings you will meet later on. They are sister species to humans and shifters. They are fully alive, carnivorous humanoids that feed upon blood to survive and get power. They branched off of a common ancestor of the triad of humanoid species most common in my story a bit ago, and are similar in relation to the two like humans to neanderthals, or dogs to wolves. They are a nocturnal species, so are a bit more sensitive to sunlight. If the vampire has pale skin, they are more prone to sunburn. Silver is toxic to my vampires and slows their healing down. They do not age nearly as fast as other humanoids not due to magic, but due to natural capability in which their cells have controlled and high doses of telomerase, which preserves their DNA and prevents it from degrading (the entire reason why most organisms age). This is seen usually in cancer, which is why it can grow so easily, but vampiric bodies have a solution to that problem due to extremely heightened immune systems and powerful mechanisms to control cell division so that it doesn’t go haywire like cancer does. As such, they have a higher rate of healing too. Like most vampires in myth, they have super speed, senses, and strength.

“Royal vampires” with certain bloodlines have very potent and powerful magic, that go beyond the power of typical vampires. Any born vampire in my novel has sharp ears, and rather than just two sets of fangs (upper and lower jaw), my vampires have the teeth of a carnivore, jagged fangs for every single tooth. They can choose to either rip the throats out of their victims or allow them to survive, it depends, really. These vampires have various types of venom, most commonly to either paralyze their prey or provide an intense bout of searing pain(which is a flavor enhancer to some). Other types of venom induce a ‘high’ upon their prey, in order to get them addicted and cause them to come crawling back. This type isn’t as common.

In some cases, vampires absorb the powers of those they drink from, especially if they’re a royal vampire. For example, if a royal vampire drinks from a dragon, they can gain the ability to telepathically communicate with serpents, or gain an immunity to dragonic venom.”

I do such twisting of lore into my own with a ton of other creatures, including but not limited to: Lycan, shapeshifters, dragons, merfolk, faeries, and unicorns. Putting this all into a modern, urban setting is a lot of fun and helps with immersion.

I didn’t realize how dystopian my series was until I looked a little closer. These vampires wiped out no less than half of the human population, can you believe it? Most of the rest were enslaved as livestock for the vampires. Gigantic world shift indeed. However, my lens remains on the ‘beacons of hope’ in this now very dangerous world.

Also, every human can learn magic. That means you, too, if you happened to exist in the Kingdoms of Blood universe. In fact, it would have saved mankind should they not have erased it from history. Too little too late, but humans can still practice and become strong with it.

I’m trying to learn how to market my work now, and at the moment have been using Twitter. I did create a Facebook Page for myself as well, which should help my cause. At the moment I’m looking into facebook ads, but I might touch upon the amazon ads too. I really don’t know what the most effective method of marketing is, and my budget is pretty low. But I feel like once I get a few people enjoying my series, it could perhaps take off.

Anyway, enjoy a picture of Sambuca & Goliath, the two main protagonists in the first half of Red Viper and the Kingdom of Blood. This art is by Harcloniter!

2021 EDIT: This was when I first published Red Viper, it has now been redone!

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