Here I am!

I never thought I’d be making an extensive website, nor did I think I’d run a writer’s blog. What do we put in here, anyway? Our writing progress? Well, I’m working on Book 2 in the Cobratongue University series (or book 4 in the overarching Kingdoms of Blood world) for National Writing month. It’s going pretty well, and I have many ideas on how I want the story to progress.

I didn’t think I’d write in this format ever, to be honest, but perspective switching is a lot of fun. I’m hoping it doesn’t confuse my readers too much, but that’s why I mark who’s perspective we’re seeing from when I do write. My mentality renders it easy to swap my mindset from one character from the next, and that could be due to my roleplay experience.

Anyway, my next plan is to work on my “Compendium”, where I keep all of my lore. I’m thinking of self-publishing the Vampire War series, though I’ve sent out a few queries, I’m not confident I’ll get any manuscript requests. Still, perhaps I will from now until I make a final decision. Regardless, I’m taking books 1 and 2 of the Kingdoms of Blood universe off of Wattpad soon. I need to take more pride in my work, and having those books just rot away on that website isn’t ideal, you know?

So, the next steps are upon me, and I’m super excited.

Published by Des M. Astor

Heya, I'm an author. Typically I write Urban Fantasy, and I only usually read in that genre as well. My author's website is both a writing blog and a showcase for my work. Check it out if you'd like.

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